Since 2002, NRJETIX has developed dozens of projects for customers in Europe and Americas using the latest software technologies and development languages.


Our managers, architects and a team of professional coders and quality assurance engineers provide quality and maintainable solutions based on our professionalism, experience and best practices adopted. nrjetix is a team of soul mates that have worked over sophisticated critical projects for Health Care, Defense, Government, Business industries etc.


NRJETIX provides scalable and cost-effective technical solutions due to the efficient business models adopted. These are ODC, Dedicated team, Time-and-material, Leasing.


NRJETIX provides highly manageable and flawless project management and execution due to the world recognized standards adopted that are supported by the deep understanding of management techniques and skillful risks management.


Our good relations with customers come from our care and communication skills. We are people behind the Web-face always willing to communicate.